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FenderĀ® Vintage Guitar Fret Wire 24 pieces 099-2014-000


25.5" Fretting Scale Marking Template for Guitars - Laser-cut Acrylic


FastCap Fret Nippers Cutters Flush Cutting End Nips - cuts Stainless Steel frets


USA MADE GuitarTechs 12" FRET BEAM 2 Guitar Neck Leveling Sanding File


6ft Jescar JUMBO STAINLESS STEEL Frets/Fret Wire for Guitar, Bass


GeetarGizmos THERMO-FORMED Fret Crowning Dressing Level File Luthier Tool Stick


6 feet of Medium/Medium Premium Jescar Nickel-Silver Guitar Fret Wire/Frets


Amazing Guitar Fret Polishing Erasers Full Set 180 / 400 / 1000 Made In Japan


Guitar Neck (Notched) Straight Edge and Fret Rocker- Luthier Tools


GeetarGizmos FRET TANG NIBBLER Nipper Cutter Luthier Tool Guitar


Diamond Offset Fret Crowning File , Medium/Wide(Jumbo) - Dual Width - 300 grit


6 feet of Medium/High Nickel-Silver Fret Wire/Frets for Guitar & More!


GeetarGizmos LUTHIER NEEDLE FILE SET (12) Guitar Nut Slot Fret Dressing Tool


Fret Polishing Rubber Erasers 1000 Grit Set of 2


Guitar Fret Leveling File 2 sided


AxeMasters MEDIUM FRET FILE - SMOOTH EDGES 3 Corner Luthier Guitar Dressing Tool


Cigar Box Guitar Parts: 6 feet of Medium/Medium Fret Wire Lengths 10-02-01


Luthier fret crowning file with custom handle "Walnut"


Fret Wire Pre Cut Jumbo, Electric Guitar, Nickel Silver, Set of 24 wire 123027


Fret Wire, Pre Cut, Tall Jumbo Bass Guitar, Nickel Silver, Set of 24 wire 123029


6 Feet JUMBO (Widest/Highest) Frets/Fret Wire for Guitar, Basses


High-quality 18TPI Fretting Saw for Cigar Box Guitars and More - Made in the USA


G-Tech Pro Fret Bender/Unbender - FREE SHIPPING! - Guitar - Luthier - Fretwire


6 Feet NARROW/LOW Frets/Fret Wire for Mandolin, Ukelele, Banjo & more! 10-01-01


Fret Wire Bender Guitar Banjo Bass USA Luthier Made Fretted Instrument


Fret Cutter for Cutting Stainless Steel Frets with Free S&H in the USA


GuitarTechs FRET BENDER Hand-held Luthier Guitar Tool


USA MADE GuitarTechs FRET END BEVEL BEAM Guitar Sanding File Luthier Tool


GuitarTechs FRET DRESSING CROWNING FILE SET (3) Luthier Tool Kit Guitar


StewMac Fret End Dressing File


Fret Wire Pre Cut Wide Tall Jumbo Bass Nickel Silver Set of 24 wire 123030


6 Feet Jescar GOLD EVO Medium/Medium Frets/Fret Wire for Guitars




MusicianAtHeart Luthier FEELER GAUGE SET Fret Rocker String Height Guitar Tool